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I have taught at conferences, events and workshops throughout the UK, Ireland, Europe, Russia and America.

Class topics I have covered include:

  • Rope Bottoming (From the Bottom) – The aim of this class is to give bottoms tools to empower them to make an informed decision with regards to rope bondage, to identify potential risks and identify ways of overcoming them.I will cover topics such as, health, disclosure, preparing for a scene (long and short term), how to get the most from your bondage, getting into the right frame of mind and processing the pain of rope, plus many more.I have 5+ years experience with both very good and very bad bondage; I want to share what I have learned over the years with others. I am a strong believer in empowering oneself to make informed decisions, which is the ethos of my class.There will be an opportunity to share problems and as a group share ideas and ways to deal with these problems. This class is not only designed for bottoms, tops will learn and find this class beneficial. I always love to hear others point of view and encourage people to share as I appreciate everyone has something to contribute.


  • BDSM 101 – Co-taught with WykD Dave. A great talk if your new to BDSM, offering a foundation across a multitude of topics, including scene negotiation, subspace, club etiquette and being risk aware.Useful for people new to the scene, those who have been around for years and everyone in between. There is always something new to learn.Q & A and discussion.


  • Wax Play – This class looks at different types of wax, their application, getting creative, cleaning up, while remaining risk aware. Q & A and discussion.


  • Fetish Modelling – This is a beginner class for those wanting to pose for images, covering essential information such as copyright, releases, staying safe and what fetish and BDSM modelling entails.


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