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Rope Bottom Guide now available in a variety of languages. This guide is not a set of rules, but some recommendations for those new to rope and those wanting to improve their bottoming knowledge base. Highlighting potential risks and how to keep yourself at lower risk of injury, the guide is now available in;


Coming soon in polish. If you would like to translate the rope bottom guide into your language, please contact me for details via the contact me page.

Raine and WykD DaveI love to write articles surrounding the topic of rope and rope bottoming, watch this page for updates. Interviews with notable rope influences and rope bottoming articles such as, what makes a good rope bottom are regularly featured.

With nerve and circulation problems being one of the most common complaints with rope bondage, I have composed an article which attempts to differentiate between the two and evaluate risk. The aim of this guide is to provide you with the information to reduce risk, make you aware of potential dangers and hopefully provide you with information to improve your bondage.


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