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Protest Against Censorship

Protest to UK Porn LawsWe decided to make a couple of images which have been inspired by the new British government regulations on porn production.

This censorship tries to stop UK producers making kinky stuff largely related to female sexual pleasure in video that has penetration by any object “associated with violence”, Urolagnia (known as “water sports”), Physical restraint with all limbs tied, Gaggs and Humiliation. So, as a way of displaying our objection to this censorship we created the following images with as many of these kinks as possible.

Hope you enjoy this little expression of kinky freedom. Please if you care about this then sign the e-petition protesting this legislation.

If you’re in the UK you might want to write to your Members of parliament and as them what they’re doing about this. Thanks for signing and thanks for reading.

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I understand the censorship is in relation to video. This is an attempt to draw attention to the issue rather than it being the issue itself. Thanks to everyone who has signed the petition if they liked this image or not. Every signature really does count.

For those who really really can't tell what they're really looking at and are unable to deal with adult content.

The gun used in this image is NOT REAL. That's not really urine OK?


THE GUN: It is a prop! It’s plastic. It’s got a seam from the moulding down the centre. We have genuinely received pompous messages about trigger discipline from people so well informed about firearms that they could not tell that the gun is a plastic toy. And who also cannot understand that they’re complaining that something intended to look threatening doesn’t look safe.

THE URINE: If you must know it’s not urine, it’s worse than that! It’s a soft drink which notoriously looks and possibly even tastes like urine. We wouldn’t know because none of us wanted to taste it. But oh, the stickiness. The model later said that she would in fact much rather have been actually peed on! Which is all the testament to the quality of the beverage you could wish for.

Censorship Laws UK


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  1. PervBox February 9, 2015 at 3:52 pm

    I like what you’re doing, what you stand for and the message the image sends. Very powerful statement!
    This censorship business is always going too far. All it does is drive a problem underground away from sensible regulation and oversight. Porn isn’t seedy when all parties are happy to consent. Just more parliamentary prudes who probably do more of this sort of stuff than the bl00dy porn studios!

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