Photography: Featuring Scarlot Rose

//Photography: Featuring Scarlot Rose
Photography: Featuring Scarlot Rose 2017-05-17T00:12:39+00:00

Project Description

It was a pleasure to have Scarlot Rose on front of my lens after so many years. Scarlot is a very dedicated model, puts everything into each image and the results just shine. It is difficult to get a bad photo of her and I don’t think she has a bad angle, not only is she a fantastic model but she is very sweet too.

We booked the Pit and Pendulum in Nottingham for this shoot as I want to venture out of the studio more and away from black backgrounds. I had just completed a natural light workshop with Jack Russel a few weeks previous to this shoot and with the large windows the Pit and Pendulum was perfect to put some of what I learned into action.

I did learn that flash photography suits the demands of kinbaku photography so much more than natural light, especially on an intermittent cloudy day like this one.

I switched back to my trusty strobes after the first set, so as not to have Scarlot hanging unnecessarily while I faff about with my camera settings. I do pride myself as a non faffy photographer which I believe to be an essential quality in a bondage photographer.

Anyway, we got some incredible results and some of my favourite images to date. I hope you all enjoy them too and remember, prints are available.