Photography: Featuring Adreena Winters

//Photography: Featuring Adreena Winters
Photography: Featuring Adreena Winters 2015-12-11T23:50:58+00:00

Project Description

Adreena Winters back in bondage again and she looks stunning. We started this shoot with a floor tie and as anticipated Adreena didn’t stay on the floor for very long. Dave created an unusual hip harness that complimented Adreena and soon she was inverted from it. We then went onto another very iconic tie but our own variation of it and the only tie in this shoot with a TK. I recall from previous shoots with Adreena that she does very well in a futumomo tsuri so we did one with a twisted strappado and hair tie, now Adreena’s hair is long enough for hair bondage we had to take advantage of that. Taking some inspiration from Sugiura san’s work we ended on a tie that took a completely different form to the original idea but really works. I love how kinbaku can flow like this and take a completely different from when creative ideas start to flow.