Performance at Bound to Serve (Exodus)

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Performance at Bound to Serve (Exodus)

Last week we were invited to perform at ‘Bound to Serve’, an annual event at Exodus in Birmingham.

I feel compelled to say that I fell in love the the venue the minute we walked through the door, beams everywhere!! Excellent kit, though the night I never saw anyone queuing to play but all kit was in use and each of the specially decorated and kitted rooms, right down to their water-dripping-from-the-ceiling-dungeon, they had a typical fetish dungeon too, but this concrete right-from-your-fantasy-dungeons was AWESOME!!

From the moment we arrived the hosts were extremely hospitable, very welcoming and friendly. We got to Birmingham a little later than expected as we had to fight through the post match traffic, but we arrived and went for a bite to eat with friends before the evening event.

My nerves were running particularly high, my stomach was not feeling great and I don’t think my choice of seafood soup for dinner was a very wise one considering we were performing. Indulging with our time for dinner, it was a rush back to the venue, a quick change and we were ready….ish!! I am not sure I am ever ready for performances.

It was time. Breathe!!

We had no plan, none other than going for it and enjoying ourselves.

I can certainly say we enjoyed ourselves. Personally, I have enjoyed this performance the most from any we have done. The crowd was wonderful, creating a magical atmosphere. We certainly fed off that, I think we are sensitive to the atmosphere during performance and with so much positive vibes in the air, we couldn’t help but have an amazing time.

As soon as those first wraps went on, I was controlled and so were my fears and anxiety. My mind was free to drift and I was gone.

Then it was over and we plummeted back to earth with a thunderous applause.

We made some great friends that night, had some wonderful conversations and were touched by those people we met.

I can not wait to return..

I would like to thank George and Sheila for their amazing hospitality, wab and Opal for inviting us, everyone who attended for making the night such a wonderful experience and to al the friends we made, not to mention kellytv for SO many images of the performance. 🙂 Thank you.


X x

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