2018: Model Call

//2018: Model Call

2018: Model Call

Do you love to be tied up? Do you love suffering in rope? Do you love Kinbaku?

This a call for rope models or Kinbaku enthusiasts who would be interested in creating images with myself and WykD Dave. Photography would be by me (Clover) and rope would be by WykD Dave. If you answered yes to the questions above this might be the right kind of shoot for you. We’re shooting differently this year so please read on to decide if working with us in 2018 is right for you.

About the Shoot

Images will be shot in Japanese style rope bondage. All shoots will take place either at our home studio or in an agreed studio location with appropriate suspension points. Shoots will be short averaging at 2 hours and no more than 3 hours, breaks will be minimal to achieve the desired effect during the shoot.

Focus will be on stressful rope and emotions, therefore I am only looking for models who are happy to have their face photographed. I do a couple of shoots per year with a focus on anonymity, I am afraid they have already been agreed for 2018. Nudity levels are negotiable but preference will likely go to those comfortable shooting higher levels, minimum of topless is required for the shoot. Please see my galleries for style and levels I typically shoot to.

Experience is desired but not a requirement. If you have a good level of fitness and have experience with a discipline that includes physical stress on the body and breathing, for example, dance, yoga, aerial, running or physical arts we can discuss a potential bondage shoot.

Models accepted will be those willing to sign a model release form and have read and understood my Rope Bottom Guide.

After the Shoot

A minimum of 1 image will be kept exclusively for publication per shoot. All models will receive 8-12 high quality edited jpg images 850px along the shortest side of each image in payment for their time creating with me (TFI – Time for Images). If you want to be paid please see my explicit model call for 2018.

Please understand that these images will go to print and changing your mind post shoot is not going to be possible. I never want to cause regret so if modelling in new to you please consider where images can end up which is completely out of my control. If you don’t want images out there then shooting with me may not be right for you.

What next?

Get in touch by fully completing this model form so I know you are interested.

I must stress that places are limited and I am only available to shoot on Sunday’s unless I am shooting while travelling.

**Disclaimer** I will need to shortlist so please do not be offended if I am unable to shoot everyone that responds. I used to keep a list of those interested in shooting with me, but this list has grown longer than days in the year and I am afraid I cannot keep up with it, so if you have applied before I would encourage to you let me know you are interested again.


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  1. Iris Meyer August 14, 2018 at 6:23 pm

    I hope you found some nice models!
    I dream about but i will don´t do it

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