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Are you interested in modelling for me for images?

If you would like to collaborate with me on a ‘time for image’ project, please fill in this application form. With this collaboration you will be paid for your time in images. Criteria for collaborating with me on this type of shoot are:

  • I require you to fill in a model release form.
  • No modelling experience is required. With Kinbaku I prefer a natural response. I have worked with many people who have never been on front of a camera before.
  • No bondage experience is required. You will be working with one of the best riggers, with over 20 years experience and an extremely high skill level. You will be well looked after.
  • Due to the physically demanding nature of kinbaku, fitness is a priority.
  • If you have any tattoos please let me know prior to the shoot, your art will have an impact on mine and it may not be complimentary. If your art is not suitable for my vision, please do not take it personally.
  • You must be happy to have your face in the image, work to nude levels and happy being bound.
  • No chaperones! If you are concerned for your safety you should not be working with me anyway. I can provide plenty of references and I encourage you to get references from models I have worked with before we shoot.
  • You must be happy to disclose any health problems prior to the shoot.

Are you interested in modelling for me for money?

If you would like to collaborate with me on a ‘paid’ project, please fill in this application form. With this type of shoot is a paid commercial shoot, you will not receive any images. Criteria for this shoot are:

  • You must be happy working to explicit US adult mag levels. This includes explicit images with  insertion of objects such as dildos and toys.
  • You must be happy to act or perform SM, for example, wax, spanking, whipping, clamps, watersports.
  • You must be happy to do Kinbaku, including suspension. It is a requirement to be bound in every image of this shoot.
  • You must have two forms of in date identification, one form must be photographic id.
  • You must be happy to sign legal consent forms.

If you have any questions in relation to either type of shoot, please contact me via the contact form. I look forward to hearing from you and possibly working with you.


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