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Clover TeneguiWelcome to my little space where I can share all things rope. 

A very brief introduction to my journey. Born and raised in Ireland, I was in my teens when I discovered erotic and sadomasochistic imagery. I began to explore this via the abundance of erotic and SM images available on the internet. I found the erotic images of China Hamilton and Sugiura Norio who began to shape and inspire my journey. I had the opportunity to learn from China directly and create some images with him. I began to create images on the modelling side of the camera as a way to observe photographers I was inspired by, I am thankful to call some of them friends  and mentors today, they have been very generous with their time and knowledge. It has been a privilege and honour to not only meet but learn from Sugiura Sensei. 

I was drawn to images of restraint, particularly rope bondage as I really liked the visual aesthetic and I found the delightfully torturous images by Yoji Muku. Then WykD Dave and I tied together and I experienced first hand how powerful rope can be. I discovered the suffering and emotions that spoke to my submissive core and resonated deeply. I could endure and process rope bondage in a positive way that I could not with other types of BDSM. I soon began to create images on the photographers side of the lens, photographing Kinbaku in an exploratory way with WykD Dave. From there my style has developed and changed, my ideas of rope and Kinbaku have also evolved and still evolving. I like to create images on both sides of the lens that reflect erotic suffering, emotion, SM, endurance, stoicism and images that bring out some emotion and a deep part of the individual.

I teach and perform with WykD Dave wherever is happy to have us and have taught classes on rope bottoming around the UK, Europe, Russia and America.

I believe that rope can change your life, give it deeper meaning and provide a means to explore yourself with your partner in a way nothing else can.

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