Positive Action for Consent

Positive Action for consent or PAC is an extension of the safety check myself and WykD_Dave have in place for when we play, I am sure there are many other who do similar checks during play. I wanted to write a bit more on it, particularly in relation to consent during play. Having a [...]

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Abuse Support

Unfortunately abuse is common but thankfully support for the different kinds of abuse is plentiful. Abuse can take various forms including but not limited to the following: physical abuse (pushing, hitting, choking, use of weapons for example), sexual abuse (coercion to have sex, rape, sexual assault, unwanted sexual activity, touching, groping or being forced to [...]

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Connection is the new buzzword in the rope community at the moment, all the cool kids are using it. Sometimes taught as Ichinawa, a technique which is often taught with one rope to simplify things and break them down, but can be applied to all bondage. What is connective rope? Well, it's doing rope with [...]

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Rope Bondage References

References are a valuable tool for keeping you informed, aware and safe when considering playing with others. I cannot recommend getting references enough, although they are often overlooked and not used enough when considering tying with new people. I think that rope tops should vet bottoms and bottoms should vet tops before playing, shooting, and [...]

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Mentors: The Good and the Bad.

A mentor is someone experienced who can share their knowledge and guide the development of another less experienced person. In terms of rope, I really feel there is not much benefit in rope tops mentoring rope bottoms, there may be some but if a rope bottom is looking to learn, develop and grow with a [...]

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Evaluating Your Rigger

Please see comments below for Italian translation. Translation by RedSabbath of Kinbaku Luxuria. Before you evaluate your rigger you need to stop and evaluate yourself. You are what will keep you safe, ultimately you can only rely on yourself. Know your body’s limits. You do not have to be an experience rope bottom to know [...]

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Being too Tolerant

With the increase and interest in rope bondage, we are seeing an increase in the amount of accidents and nerve damages. I think this is mostly because riggers are not trying well and not taking care or knowledge of placement on the individual they are tying. It is shocking the amount of people who take [...]

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May Contain Nuts…

...I bloody hope so. Really? Do we really need to put disclaimers on everything, for fear we might offend someone or fear that someone might copy an image and end up more than likely deservedly hurting themselves. I guess the worst case would be they end up copying an image and hurting someone else, [...]

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My Rope Bottoming Essential Kit

There are quite a few post around the various forums regarding keeping a rope bottom bag and what people would keep in it, while I don't specifically have one, when at events etc. I do have certain essentials I like to have with me. Bio Oil - Particularly if I am performing, it helps SO [...]

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