Positive Action for Consent

Positive Action for consent or PAC is an extension of the safety check myself and WykD_Dave have in place for when we play, I am sure there are many other who do similar checks during play. I wanted to write a bit more on it, particularly in relation to consent during play. Having a [...]

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Connection is the new buzzword in the rope community at the moment, all the cool kids are using it. Sometimes taught as Ichinawa, a technique which is often taught with one rope to simplify things and break them down, but can be applied to all bondage. What is connective rope? Well, it's doing rope with [...]

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Embracing Your Emotions: All of Your Emotions

It can be easy to embrace the good and reject the bad in all aspects of life, this is especially true with intimacy and sexual experiences. Although acknowledging the bad can lead to some powerful self awareness and recognition, it can be difficult to confront these emotions. Rope can be meditative at times, bring peace [...]

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Being too Tolerant

With the increase and interest in rope bondage, we are seeing an increase in the amount of accidents and nerve damages. I think this is mostly because riggers are not trying well and not taking care or knowledge of placement on the individual they are tying. It is shocking the amount of people who take [...]

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May Contain Nuts…

...I bloody hope so. Really? Do we really need to put disclaimers on everything, for fear we might offend someone or fear that someone might copy an image and end up more than likely deservedly hurting themselves. I guess the worst case would be they end up copying an image and hurting someone else, [...]

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