Photography: Shooting in the USA

Looking back on some of the fun people I have had the opportunity to shoot with during 2012, and during our tour of the USA was definitely one of them. Soy Whip tied by WykD_Dave On our trip to Memphis, Atlanta and Boston we had the opportunity to work with some fantastic people, [...]

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Photography: Shooting with Beauvoir and WykD Dave

Working with Beauvoir always gets a very productive and fun shoot. Beauvoir is a very hard working model, is great in rope and full of wonderfully genuine expressions that are a delight to capture and really make each and every image. I love expressions and Beauvoir can really express, transforming each image and making them [...]

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Interview: Tim Rosier

Tim Rosier at London Fetish Weekend Tim Rosier or better known as Delta-14 has recently won the award for Best Erotic Artists of the Year by Jade Magazine, quite a feat in his career as a fine art erotica photographer. Tim specialises in photographing people particularly, with producing sensual, provocative, erotic , fetish [...]

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LFAJB 2011 Nawa Chou

Before I get carried away with this years London Festival of the Art of Japanese Bondage (LFAJB), I would like to talk about a photographer from last years LFAJB, nawa chou. All the way from Australia, nawa chou is a devoted rope bottom and rope enthusiast, running rope bottom workshops in Syndey and also a [...]

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Photography: Disturbed Alt

Still continuing on our very lucky strike with models this year, in February we collaborated with Disturbed Alt, who is quite lovely and has a very interesting alternative look. I have a bit of a fetish for white underwear, I guess its all the school CP roleplay, but I wanted to create some images with [...]

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Photography: Shoot with Raine

Raine is not only extremely hard working, giving every image 100%, not only a great mix of professional and fun on a shoot, she is beautiful, elegant, knows how to work her body, express herself with it and truly commit to the image. I could go on... but I can show you. In April, I [...]

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Photography: Adreena

In February this year we had the wonderful opportunity to collaborate with Adreena Winters who is experienced in erotic, fetish and adult modelling. She has a fantastic and unique look, with some beautiful tattoos. We love working with Adreena, as her openness and ability to express for the camera and her friendly attitude are refreshing. [...]

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