Photography: Blu Sapphire

I had the opportunity to work with Blu Sapphire during 2012 on several separate occasions, this shoot was the first. We had been chatting about some rope bondage images for a while and finally got the opportunity to collaborate together. Blu, having mainly done western bondage previously, took to the Japanese style of rope like [...]

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Photography: Bella in Baltimore

Continuing on notable shoots of 2012, we travelled to Chicago, Baltimore, DC, and New York City. When in Baltimore we had planned to shoot Bella, a beautiful Asian rope model, who is very easygoing to work with and fun. I think we got some powerful, raw and emotional images from the day with Bella and [...]

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Photography: Esinem and Nina Russ

I just realised my recent blog about shooting in the USA, is in fact a duplicate, I have already written about this shoot before. January has been an extremely busy and stressful month for me and I have pretty much just ignored my website for the month, apologies for the duplication, as both blogs write [...]

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Photography: Shooting in the USA

Looking back on some of the fun people I have had the opportunity to shoot with during 2012, and during our tour of the USA was definitely one of them. Soy Whip tied by WykD_Dave On our trip to Memphis, Atlanta and Boston we had the opportunity to work with some fantastic people, [...]

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Photography: Shooting with Beauvoir and WykD Dave

Working with Beauvoir always gets a very productive and fun shoot. Beauvoir is a very hard working model, is great in rope and full of wonderfully genuine expressions that are a delight to capture and really make each and every image. I love expressions and Beauvoir can really express, transforming each image and making them [...]

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Kinbaku Shoot with WykD_Dave and Nina Russ

After performing at BOUND in London earlier this year, we stayed with Esinem and Nina to do some rope pictures. Both Esinem and WykD_Dave tied Nina in a series of transitions and floorwork, I will write about Nina and WykD_Dave first.   With no plan or ideas, we set the lights up which took some [...]

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Interview: Tim Rosier

Tim Rosier at London Fetish Weekend Tim Rosier or better known as Delta-14 has recently won the award for Best Erotic Artists of the Year by Jade Magazine, quite a feat in his career as a fine art erotica photographer. Tim specialises in photographing people particularly, with producing sensual, provocative, erotic , fetish [...]

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