Protest Against Censorship

We decided to make a couple of images which have been inspired by the new British government regulations on porn production. This censorship tries to stop UK producers making kinky stuff largely related to female sexual pleasure in video that has penetration by any object “associated with violence”, Urolagnia (known as “water sports”), Physical restraint [...]

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Rome: WykD Dave and Wildties Intensive

I have found it difficult to write about some recent events, purely because they have been so overwhelming emotionally, with what we have learned and needed some time to sit back reflect and grow from each experience. With various shows and classes in America coming this week, I decided to kick my ass in gear [...]

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Photography: Adreena

In February this year we had the wonderful opportunity to collaborate with Adreena Winters who is experienced in erotic, fetish and adult modelling. She has a fantastic and unique look, with some beautiful tattoos. We love working with Adreena, as her openness and ability to express for the camera and her friendly attitude are refreshing. [...]

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Photography: Scarlot Rose

For the first shoot of 2012 we were granted with the chance to collaborate with Scarlot Rose, a very tough  and hard working model, I could not recommend high enough. Scarlot had not done much bondage of this nature before the shoot, but was an excellent model to work with, communicative, dedicated and put everything [...]

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Presenting Rope Bottoming at Bound

With WykD_Dave at LFAJB 2011 In addition to the Rope Bottom Guide which is now available in several languages, I have also presented classes on Rope Bottoming locally in the UK and in the USA. On the 7th of September I will be presenting a class on Rope Bottoming at Bound in London. [...]

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Modelling: On location with Delta-14 and Lizzie_Spritz

Last month I had the wonderful pleasure of a collaboration with two very talented individuals. Anyone who followed my blog before the previous site was hit by lightening will know I have collaborated with Delta-14 on many shoots during my time modelling. Lizzie Spritz is not only a good friend but natural model, having modelled [...]

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