Modelling: Xenia Seurat and WykD Dave

In June we had the opportunity to work with the very talented Xenia Seurat, who was a wonderful host when we travelled to lovely Cornwall. Xenia even had a suspension point installed in her home for this shoot before we arrived. We drove down after work on Friday night and arrived pretty late, so after [...]

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I love wax, it might be minor for a lot of people and does not get a mention in BDSM often but I LOVE wax. I think I am definitely more of an I-love- stingy-pain kind of person, its a pain I enjoy and can process, from the cane to whip, I love the sting [...]

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Modelling: Neil Whiteley and WykD Dave

A few weeks ago Dave and I had the pleasure of creating images with Neil Whiteley in Wales. Neil is not only creative behind the lens, he also creates amazing sets to make the best possible use of the space he has. I was extremely impressed with how he works the space and can not [...]

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Jade Erotic Artist of the Year

Tim Rosier has been awarded the Jade Erotic Artist of the Year 2012 award at the London Fetish Weekend. An award well deserved. Previous winners have been John Tisbury, Robert Babylon and Gregory Brown, all wonderful talented and unique artists. I don't think Tim is any exception, and had developed a unique style of his [...]

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Spanking: Rockford School of Dance

Earlier this year I had the wonderful opportunity of working with Spanked in Uniform in the Netherlands for a few days. They are a lovely company to work with, really allow you to get creative with storylines and get a sound spanking. This shoot was a very gratifying challenge, it has been a year since [...]

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