Interview: Featuring Gorgone

How do you identify with Kinbaku ? Kinbaku started as a curiosity, quickly turned into a passion and became my whole life. 
This question makes me realise it became my environment to a point that I somehow don’t think about that question anymore. It is difficult for me to answer… 
Kinbaku is everything to me [...]

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Embracing Your Emotions: All of Your Emotions

It can be easy to embrace the good and reject the bad in all aspects of life, this is especially true with intimacy and sexual experiences. Although acknowledging the bad can lead to some powerful self awareness and recognition, it can be difficult to confront these emotions. Rope can be meditative at times, bring peace [...]

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I am not a masochist.

I am not a masochist. Pain has always been something I was very curious about, I would look at video and photography which showed how potent the emotions and feelings resulting from pain could be. I was drawn to the beautiful markings on skin. This darker painful side of BDSM is what [...]

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What Do I Get From Rope?

I have recently been asked to write a few paragraphs about why I love rope and what I get from it. I know I have written similar writing before but I think it is always good to reflect, so here is a new one on rope and what I get from it. Rope and [...]

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Interview: Redsabbath

Redsabbath is a rope bottom, performer and teaches rope bondage with Riccardo Wildties, who she discovered rope bondage with. Featuring in the majority of Riccardo Wildites performances, images and undertaking the LuXuria project together they are taking on the world with their intense rope bondage performances, including a recent trip to Russia. As a former [...]

Submissive and Having a Voice

While the fantasy and reality of being submissive, bottoming, masochistic, slave and other similar roles can be a thrilling, endorphine rush. We have a responsibility to our tops to have an active intelligent mind and a voice. It comes down to how we use that voice, whatever your protocol, your voice can fit, but I [...]

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Suspension offers a chance to push my body, test its endurance and physical limits, which I enjoy to do. I enjoy trying to maintain my endurance, listen to my body, it is when I am in this position I learn a lot about myself and my body, physically and emotionally. I enjoy the pain, risk, [...]

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