Interview: Featuring Gorgone

How do you identify with Kinbaku ? Kinbaku started as a curiosity, quickly turned into a passion and became my whole life. 
This question makes me realise it became my environment to a point that I somehow don’t think about that question anymore. It is difficult for me to answer… 
Kinbaku is everything to me [...]

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Interview: Jack Whipper

A few weeks ago I posted an interview with Zahara, now you can read an interview from the other half of this amazing duo, Jack Whipper. Known for his unique style of performing, undertone of comedy and sadistic rope scenes, Jack Whipper shares his thoughts on rope bondage and how it began for him. Jack [...]

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Interview: Zahara

To him she is Froggy, to you she is Zahara, one of the most eloquent and stunningly beautiful rope bottoms around. Tears and laughter are often expressed when she performs with Jack Whipper. Performing explosive sexual energy throughout their shows, this duo have a very unique style of rope bondage that you really need to [...]

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Interview: Blondie and Shibarick

Blondie and Shibarick are a couple into rope bondage from the Netherlands, simply enjoying the pleasure of rope together without the glamour of shows and teaching. What I love most about their bondage is that clearly they are having fun and love what they do together, they have a wonderful connection and trust and they [...]

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Interview: Redsabbath

Redsabbath is a rope bottom, performer and teaches rope bondage with Riccardo Wildties, who she discovered rope bondage with. Featuring in the majority of Riccardo Wildites performances, images and undertaking the LuXuria project together they are taking on the world with their intense rope bondage performances, including a recent trip to Russia. As a former [...]

Interview: Tim Rosier

Tim Rosier at London Fetish Weekend Tim Rosier or better known as Delta-14 has recently won the award for Best Erotic Artists of the Year by Jade Magazine, quite a feat in his career as a fine art erotica photographer. Tim specialises in photographing people particularly, with producing sensual, provocative, erotic , fetish [...]

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