Bondage Expo Dallas 2014

I have tried to write this blog several times and come up blank, nothing I write will ever come close to this experience and the wonderful time we had with such amazing people. Our sincere gratitude to our wonderful hosts and friends for treating us to an unforgettable week, one that has left us thirsty [...]

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BOUND September 2013

BOUND was an amazing eve to the London Festival of the Art of Japanese Bondage 2013. If you have not been in a while or have not been at all, you need to attend. The Flying Dutchman has completely transformed into a kinbaku haven nested in the London suburbs. An elegant stage, simple and effective [...]

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Rome: WykD Dave and Wildties Intensive

I have found it difficult to write about some recent events, purely because they have been so overwhelming emotionally, with what we have learned and needed some time to sit back reflect and grow from each experience. With various shows and classes in America coming this week, I decided to kick my ass in gear [...]

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Aberdeen FET Weekend

When performing at Rope Date last year we were invited by The_Link to Aberdeen, Scotland, to perform and take part in their first peer rope workshop. The_Link and his partner KinkyxSam organise munches and events in the Aberdeen area with a team of awesome friendly people, they have an extremely welcoming and friendly approach to [...]

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Rome: Otonawa

Feeling a little worse for wear after a wonderful weekend with some amazing friends, rope, emotions, wine, liqueur, shows, ideas and passion. We had the opportunity to spend some time with some great people this weekend, attend Otowaya Otonawa's workshop and we even managed to catch his show, which made me well up with tears. [...]

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Sinsations Clubnight

Sinsations is a new club in the Midlands, only a few months old it has been steadily growing from strength to strength. The club is hosted by Kamanth who has been extremely considerate and responsive to what people want in an event and done his best for the community to put this in place. There [...]

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Performance at Bound to Serve (Exodus)

Last week we were invited to perform at 'Bound to Serve', an annual event at Exodus in Birmingham. I feel compelled to say that I fell in love the the venue the minute we walked through the door, beams everywhere!! Excellent kit, though the night I never saw anyone queuing to play but all kit [...]

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Bound (London) May 2012

In May we performed at Bound, an event that is really making it mark in the UK as one of the leading rope events in the country. With performers from all over the world, life drawing artists, speakers, teachers and rope enthusiasts coming along to share their love of rope, I am really honoured to [...]

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