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Aberdeen FET Weekend

Aberdeen PerformanceWhen performing at Rope Date last year we were invited by The_Link to Aberdeen, Scotland, to perform and take part in their first peer rope workshop. The_Link and his partner KinkyxSam organise munches and events in the Aberdeen area with a team of awesome friendly people, they have an extremely welcoming and friendly approach to people who are new to the kink scene; if this group cannot make you feel at ease attending your first much I don’t think anyone can.

The_Link met us at the airport, where he took us to stay in Stone haven, a beautiful seaside town reminding me very much of home in Ireland, its been a long time since I woke up to the sound of seagulls outside the window. We were made to feel very welcome and treated to some of Sam’s amazing cooking and stayed up chatting to the small hours. After a great night sleep we set off for the ‘Tunnels’ where the peer rope workshop would be taking place.

As the class had varied abilities, Dave began with a safety talk encouraging questions, and some reassurance to the group from myself that Dave is not actually as intimidating as he can come across (honest). Wanting to allow everyone the opportunity to tie that day Dave took some people who were new to rope aside and taught them some single column ties. It was lovely to see so many people tying and enjoying themselves. There was a relaxed atmosphere which left me feeling very chilled, which is always good before a performance.

Aberdeen PerformanceDave set up a suspension point from two central beams on the stage area with the help of some enthusiastic organisers. We were good to go. A deep breath after a false start with the music, a reassuring glance and then we began our dance of expression, emotion, torture and love. Fahrenheit451 and Ardyniss very kindly took some pictures, I always wonder after a performance what it looked like, sometimes how things feel can be very different to how they are visually, and its lovely to have that keepsake and reference to bring back those feelings again. I loved that Fahrenheit451 got some pictures after the show, the relief, happiness and embrace.

Full of adrenaline and feeling very good, it was lovely chatting to people I have wanted to meet for some time and even bumping into a friend I knew from Dublin. Dave did a lovely yoko-tsuri with one of the workshop attendees, Ruberhuuded, which transitioned into a very low, almost inverted suspension. Leaving the workshop on a great high and looking forward to the evenings event, were turned back to The_Link and KinkyxSam’s for a freshen up and some food.

We arrived back at the ‘Tunnels’, to the friendly atmosphere with everyone socialising, outfits that would make TG envious, and lots of play. I was feeling a bit cold so asked Dave would he tie me as this always warms me up. We did a series of yoko-tsui transitions, a little light bondage to warm us both up and get the night started for us. A few people had gathered to watch, which was a surprise afterwards, as it was really just a bit of circus fun. We got chatting to some interesting people and decided to play again later in the night. I guess over time our scenes together and performances having become more and more alike, we no longer plan out a routine to perform, preferring the flow and feel of what develops organically in the moment. We started tying, as it happened the ring was still set up on the stage, so this is where we scened. The lights are quite bright so it is difficult to see beyond them when on the stage.

Aberdeen PerformanceWe began, got lost together and had fun, when Dave was untying me I began becoming aware of things around me and when Dave helped me up off the floor there was a thundering round of applause. I couldn’t help but feel very embarrassed, it was wonderful that people appreciated and enjoyed watching. I felt shy. we had some really wonderful comments afterwards and I am delighted we could reach out and speak to people in the way we did. We had a celebratory glass of wine but did not last much longer, we were all shattered so headed back to The_Link and KinkyxSam’s.

Sunday was a perfect end with some rope tuition in the morning and then onto Slane Castle Pub with some great company, conversation and food at the Sunday Swallow, a great note to end on. I am writing this while flying back to the Midlands, great memories and an amazing weekend.

A gallery of this performance will be following shortly.


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  1. Fahrenheit451 March 21, 2013 at 7:57 am

    If you have a chance go to a performance by Clover and Wykd_Dave. Do.
    They are phenomenal.
    I like my big words.
    Anyway I had a great time in Aberdeen watching their show and shooting it.
    I wish that I could have given them the pictures that they deserve.
    I would love a chance to shoot them for a specific project.


  2. clover March 21, 2013 at 11:30 pm

    Hi David,

    Thank you so much, for your kind words and wonderful images. You did a fantastic job and we love the images you captured.


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