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Rome: WykD Dave and Wildties Intensive

I have found it difficult to write about some recent events, purely because they have been so overwhelming emotionally, with what we have learned and needed some time to sit back reflect and grow from each experience. With various shows and classes in America coming this week, I decided to kick my ass in gear [...]

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Photography: Blu Sapphire

I had the opportunity to work with Blu Sapphire during 2012 on several separate occasions, this shoot was the first. We had been chatting about some rope bondage images for a while and finally got the opportunity to collaborate together. Blu, having mainly done western bondage previously, took to the Japanese style of rope like [...]

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Being too Tolerant

With the increase and interest in rope bondage, we are seeing an increase in the amount of accidents and nerve damages. I think this is mostly because riggers are not trying well and not taking care or knowledge of placement on the individual they are tying. It is shocking the amount of people who take [...]

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