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Aberdeen FET Weekend

When performing at Rope Date last year we were invited by The_Link to Aberdeen, Scotland, to perform and take part in their first peer rope workshop. The_Link and his partner KinkyxSam organise munches and events in the Aberdeen area with a team of awesome friendly people, they have an extremely welcoming and friendly approach to [...]

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Interview: Blondie and Shibarick

Blondie and Shibarick are a couple into rope bondage from the Netherlands, simply enjoying the pleasure of rope together without the glamour of shows and teaching. What I love most about their bondage is that clearly they are having fun and love what they do together, they have a wonderful connection and trust and they [...]

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Rome: Otonawa

Feeling a little worse for wear after a wonderful weekend with some amazing friends, rope, emotions, wine, liqueur, shows, ideas and passion. We had the opportunity to spend some time with some great people this weekend, attend Otowaya Otonawa's workshop and we even managed to catch his show, which made me well up with tears. [...]

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