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Photography: Bella in Baltimore

Continuing on notable shoots of 2012, we travelled to Chicago, Baltimore, DC, and New York City. When in Baltimore we had planned to shoot Bella, a beautiful Asian rope model, who is very easygoing to work with and fun. I think we got some powerful, raw and emotional images from the day with Bella and [...]

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Sinsations Clubnight

Sinsations is a new club in the Midlands, only a few months old it has been steadily growing from strength to strength. The club is hosted by Kamanth who has been extremely considerate and responsive to what people want in an event and done his best for the community to put this in place. There [...]

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What Do I Get From Rope?

I have recently been asked to write a few paragraphs about why I love rope and what I get from it. I know I have written similar writing before but I think it is always good to reflect, so here is a new one on rope and what I get from it. Rope and [...]

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Photography: Esinem and Nina Russ

I just realised my recent blog about shooting in the USA, is in fact a duplicate, I have already written about this shoot before. January has been an extremely busy and stressful month for me and I have pretty much just ignored my website for the month, apologies for the duplication, as both blogs write [...]

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Photography: Shooting in the USA

Looking back on some of the fun people I have had the opportunity to shoot with during 2012, and during our tour of the USA was definitely one of them. Soy Whip tied by WykD_Dave On our trip to Memphis, Atlanta and Boston we had the opportunity to work with some fantastic people, [...]

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