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Came Out

Yesterday I came out to my mother. There were tears and it went very well. Nothing could have prepared me for the rush of nerves and adrenaline surging through me the moments leading up to telling her.  I recently decided I was tired of coming up with reasons why I was in various corners of [...]

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Interview: Redsabbath

Redsabbath is a rope bottom, performer and teaches rope bondage with Riccardo Wildties, who she discovered rope bondage with. Featuring in the majority of Riccardo Wildites performances, images and undertaking the LuXuria project together they are taking on the world with their intense rope bondage performances, including a recent trip to Russia. As a former [...]

Coming Out

I have decided to come out to my dear old mother this Christmas. The main reason I want to come out to her is the lies I have to conjure up just to explain my travelling around the globe. I am not sure I can come up with another reason why I want to visit [...]

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Photography: Shooting with Beauvoir and WykD Dave

Working with Beauvoir always gets a very productive and fun shoot. Beauvoir is a very hard working model, is great in rope and full of wonderfully genuine expressions that are a delight to capture and really make each and every image. I love expressions and Beauvoir can really express, transforming each image and making them [...]

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May Contain Nuts…

...I bloody hope so. Really? Do we really need to put disclaimers on everything, for fear we might offend someone or fear that someone might copy an image and end up more than likely deservedly hurting themselves. I guess the worst case would be they end up copying an image and hurting someone else, and [...]

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