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Kinbaku Shoot with WykD_Dave and Nina Russ

After performing at BOUND in London earlier this year, we stayed with Esinem and Nina to do some rope pictures. Both Esinem and WykD_Dave tied Nina in a series of transitions and floorwork, I will write about Nina and WykD_Dave first.   With no plan or ideas, we set the lights up which took some [...]

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Submissive and Having a Voice

While the fantasy and reality of being submissive, bottoming, masochistic, slave and other similar roles can be a thrilling, endorphine rush. We have a responsibility to our tops to have an active intelligent mind and a voice. It comes down to how we use that voice, whatever your protocol, your voice can fit, but I [...]

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I love wax, it might be minor for a lot of people and does not get a mention in BDSM often but I LOVE wax. I think I am definitely more of an I-love- stingy-pain kind of person, its a pain I enjoy and can process, from the cane to whip, I love the sting [...]

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In that moment everything comes together, everything is perfect, I feel.... so much. Overwhelmed by my submission, just that. There is nothing distracting and no background noise, only us. A rare, fleeting, beautiful moment, yet one we can enjoy and savour. These moments, for me, have to be right, otherwise I feel silly, playful and [...]

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