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Having had some time to digest what I learned and witnessed during Yukimura Haruki's teaching in Copenhagen, I keep coming back to his remarks regarding the bottoms role and responsibilities while in bondage, particularly Yukimura technique of rope. First was his remark on co-operations and how we are not just a static recipient when it [...]

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A Few Words on Floor Bondage

I think a lot of people rush to learn suspension when learning to tie, often missing out on what rope is really about, the intimacy and connection. It is much more than showy suspensions, yes they show off your talents and think they have their place on stage and in clubs, particularly when the floor [...]

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Photography: Shoot with Raine

Raine is not only extremely hard working, giving every image 100%, not only a great mix of professional and fun on a shoot, she is beautiful, elegant, knows how to work her body, express herself with it and truly commit to the image. I could go on... but I can show you. In April, I [...]

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Submission in Rope

Submission, one of the places I feel utterly confident, strong, transitioned, and away from my daily insecurities. It is just the two of us, him and I. Here I am safe, a place I can truly let go, trust in someone and give up control. I still have a mind of my own, am still [...]

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Spanking: Rockford School of Dance

Earlier this year I had the wonderful opportunity of working with Spanked in Uniform in the Netherlands for a few days. They are a lovely company to work with, really allow you to get creative with storylines and get a sound spanking. This shoot was a very gratifying challenge, it has been a year since [...]

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The essence of rope for me is the connections I make with the person tying me. Combining togetherness, trust, harmony, submission, love, allowing the rope to reach all of these forces and bring us together, closer in a fierce embrace. This can be (for me) in a caressing soft embrace with some soft sensual rope, releasing endorphins in [...]

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Photography: Adreena

In February this year we had the wonderful opportunity to collaborate with Adreena Winters who is experienced in erotic, fetish and adult modelling. She has a fantastic and unique look, with some beautiful tattoos. We love working with Adreena, as her openness and ability to express for the camera and her friendly attitude are refreshing. [...]

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