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Nerve and Circulation Problems

  I think the two most common and often misunderstood problems in rope are circulation and nerve problems and more importantly how to spot the differences between them. It is not always simple, but here are a few points to guide towards what the problem could be. I am not a medical professional, everything written [...]

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Lighting Lesson with John Tisbury

Last week I had my very first official lighting lesson with John Tisbury, I have had help from some very talented friends and mentors such as China Hamilton, Paul Alexander, David Lawrence and Tim Rosier who all have very different styles and approaches to photography. This was my very first proper lighting tuition. I have [...]

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Lessons from Yukimura Haruki Sensei

I had no idea what to get Dave for his birthday this year, well I had some idea, I bought him a copy of Osada Steve's book of Aiko, which is very beautiful and worth every penny. I wanted to get something else, when I read on FetLife there was space for another couple on [...]

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Photography: Scarlot Rose

For the first shoot of 2012 we were granted with the chance to collaborate with Scarlot Rose, a very tough  and hard working model, I could not recommend high enough. Scarlot had not done much bondage of this nature before the shoot, but was an excellent model to work with, communicative, dedicated and put everything [...]

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The Power of Music

I am chilling out, editing some images after an amazing weekend in Copenhagen, listening to some music, a track comes on... one we used in our Shibaricon 2012 performance and I get chills, butterflies, anxiety, blissful and a flash of the moment... that calming chaotic peace I find while performing with WykD_Dave. When we chose [...]

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Following my recent post on Why am I so Picky?, I was challenged about how many people I would trust to tie me. To quote the relevant part of my writing for those who have not read it I can count on one hand with room to spare those I would trust and want to [...]

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Presenting Rope Bottoming at Bound

With WykD_Dave at LFAJB 2011 In addition to the Rope Bottom Guide which is now available in several languages, I have also presented classes on Rope Bottoming locally in the UK and in the USA. On the 7th of September I will be presenting a class on Rope Bottoming at Bound in London. [...]

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The Thrill of Rope

Performance with WykD_Dave at Bound My favourite high in life is the one adrenaline gives me. I am definitely a thrill seeker, I love the rush of all my senses so acutely alive and feeling everything. A wonderful mixture of being terrified, knowing I am engaging in a risky activity where the worst [...]

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