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Photography: Evolving

Model is Lizzie SpritzRope by WykD_Dave Looking back over the past two and a half years of my photographic life I can not help but notice my progression. Thinking positively here, as when I look back at my early photograph all I can see is what I should have done and the silly [...]

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Why do you get tied?

  Gone Thoughts For connection For Pain For pleasure For emotion For getting fucked up For endurance These precious moments are transitory and eternal. For the contradictions Forever Because there can be no possible state of, not being tied. Because I have to!    

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Thoughts on Monogamy and Bisexuality

When asked, I tend to describe my relationship as monogamous. I also describe myself as bisexual, although I am not sure how true this is. Yes I am attracted to both male and females but it's not that simple. First, I am extremely picky, but then I guess most people are. While I can tell [...]

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Why tie?

Photography by Carsten DieterichRope by WykD_Dave I started tying in January 2011 and stopped a year ago to figure out why it was that I wanted to learn. My reason for stopping was when I tied some people I felt they wanted it to develop into a scene and I was not comfortable [...]

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One reason to love Kimono

Photography by LeeDavid Rope by WykD_Dave I have often pondered why nowadays we so seldom see kimono worn beautifully. If you ever wear kimono yourself, it'd obvious that the sleeves get in the way as soon as you do anything and that your steps are hindered by the narrow skirt. I suppose, too, that [...]

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Fly before you can tie?

It seems more and more people are eager to not just learn rope bondage but learn suspension bondage, aiming to reach this goal as quick as they can often without any kind of tuition or knowledge about the potential risks or dangers. I think some of the reasons for this rush to fly, is because [...]

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