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Special offer for the Month of December

Want to gift someone with a kinbaku gift for Christmas?

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maya_profileWant to gift someone with a kinbaku gift for Christmas?

For the month of December only I am doing 2 hour kinbaku shoots, rope by WykD Dave and photography by Clover.

10 unmarked images and 1 print for only £200.00


Book your shoot by the end of December and shoot either before Xmas or in the new year.


Rope is a very special part of my life, it is what brought me to my amazing partner WykD Dave. It’s often hard to convey to someone who hasn’t experienced it how it can feel and the kind of pleasure and sense of release it can contain. It’s something that’s become an integral part of my life. I am continually learning, evolving and understanding, it has become a search and a journey we take together.

In this site and in my blog especially you will find my many attempts to explain what rope is to me.

My passion in photography is to capture and convey the emotion of a captured moment. I want to portray the feeling of the model in bondage and convey that feeling to those viewing my images.

On the resources page you will see lots of information for rope bottoms.

It’s my aim to provide as much information as possible for rope bottoms in one place. This includes the resources I’ve created myself and links to any other good resources I think might be useful.

If you have any suggestions about content that would be useful to rope bottoms please contact me and let me know.

I periodically update and add information here so please do check back or subscribe to my blog for updates.

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The Double Cross
For electrical connection like no other

To truly communicate like my life depends on it

For pain

For pleasure

To actively feel

To be aware

To release emotion

For transient moments

For eternal suffering

For the contradictions


Because there can be no possible state of, not being tied.

Because I have to.

Clover X x

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